AOET Orphan Sports Camp, Uganda

AOET Orphan Sports Camp, Uganda

“Sport is a universal language, building more bridges between people than anything else I can think of.” 

-Sebastian Coe

AOET Orphan Sports Camp, Uganda
Students watching from under the tent while teams compete at AOET

Assist International took a team of volunteers to hold a sports camp for the AOET Orphan Village in Jinja, Uganda. This incredible event had an impact in the entire region. Hundreds of kids showed up to learn the basics of basketball and volleyball at AOET’s Rehaboth High School and then competed in a tournament hosted by the high school at the orphan village.

Last year, Zach Sudfeld was able to help fund a multi-purpose sports court providing the orphan school with one of the premier high school sporting facilities in Uganda. AOET had been asking for a team to train the students. Long hours were spent in the hot African sun running up and down the basketball court, teaching drills, improving skills, and refereeing tournament games. Schools from all around the region participated. Even the bus driver, who had never before heard of Assist or AOET said: “you have no idea what an impact this is making on the community.”

AOET Orphan Sports Camp, Uganda
Students at AOET Orphan Sports Camp

The purpose of the camp was to support the work of the school at AOET (Aids Orphans Education Trust) and keep it sustainable. Before the sports camp began, the team from AI had the opportunity to share in a chapel service with all of the high school students. AOET hopes this will become an annual event for Assist International to bring volunteers and give them a platform to share with those in need.

Shoes and more!

The majority of students on the team from AOET came on the courts with only socks, flip flops, or barefoot. It was heartbreaking to see children’s feet bleed while practicing barefoot. Thankfully, we were able to send a driver to Kampala to purchase shoes and uniforms for all of the children participating from AOET’s orphan school before the start of the tournament against other schools. The students were so proud and grateful to have shoes and uniforms to play in!

Students at AOET Orphan Sports Camp
BEFORE: The feet of AOET’s basketball team on the court the first day (most have no shoes).
Students at AOET Orphan Sports Camp Shoes
AFTER: Students proudly wearing shoes and uniforms

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