A Boy Named David

David after two months of treatment, with Hannington
David when Hannington met him
David when Hannington met him

A few months ago, Assist International in-country partner Hannington Segirinya met a severely malnourished young boy in Uganda named David. David had stopped taking his AIDS cocktail since it would not work without food, and he had given up all hope. Through Hannington, we were able to hospitalize David and provide proper nutrition for him.  After two months of treatment, David had transformed into a happy, healthy young boy.

David in the Hospital
David in the hospital

Here is the story in Hannington’s own words:

“Today I visited David at the Children’s Hospital where he’s under going treatment. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I last saw him but we have been talking a lot on phone. As I enter the ward I see a young boy from a distance feeding a baby through a catheter. I move closer and the boy turns and I see this chubby nice-looking boy whose eyes meet mine and he glows with this ear-to-ear smile. It’s David and he runs to me and hugs me.

I am lost in thoughts. Before me is David who I met in a hospital in Bundibugyo while he waiting to die. He was so malnourished because he had no food and so he stopped taking his AIDS cocktail. He would go out look for mangoes and just eat those to survive. David lost hope and wished for death.

He’s holding me tight and tells me how he’s happy to see me again. I look at him and tell him how happy I am to see how God has changed his life and thrown flesh back onto his bones.

We laugh about it and then I ask if we can go for a walk in the hospital yard. As we walk I ask him what he thinks about all this change. He pauses and says, ‘I am so happy that God has healed me. I never thought that I would be rehabilitated again to this level. When I was in the village I thought I was going to die and that’s what I waited for, but now I am strong again and I can play very well.’

David’s recovery has filled my heart to the brim and has given hope to so many kids at the hospital. The nutritionist told me how David has been so helpful and now they call him Dr. David. He serves the other kids food and helps them in so many ways and they will miss him when he leaves.

He’s now in better health and he will leave hospital this Friday.

Thank you so much for supporting him. May God bless you as you do more for humanity.”

David after two months of treatment, with Hannington
David after two months of treatment, with Hannington

We are so excited to share this story with the friends and partners of Assist International.  You are the ones who make these transformations possible.

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