Caminul Felix has 16 large family homes, each providing a mother and father for a dozen or more orphaned and abandoned children.


The Story

Caminul Felix in Oradea, Romania has two villages with 16 families, each providing a mother and father for over 200 orphaned and vulnerable children. Parents, children, and young adults in Caminul Felix are engaged in various activities and projects such as: tailoring workshops, carpentry workshops, farming, car workshops, as well as other means of support. All these programs are designed to help children develop, as well as teach them practical life skills. Caminul Felix has also recently launched “The Assisted Home” where young adults from CF who have disabilities that prevent them from living on their own will be provided a forever home with the family support they need at Caminul Village 2.
Assist International is honored to have partnered with Caminul Felix for nearly 30 years, giving children and families hope & a bright future.
It has been called the model for the entire country by the child protective services of Romania. Caminul Felix has a waiting list, as it continues to rescue orphaned and vulnerable children in Romania.

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Action Felix is a foundation centered on creating and managing resources for children in Romania. Action Felix focuses on developing a self-sustaining business model to support the mission and needs of Caminul Felix children.

Felix Family Villages International

Caminul Felix recognized the need for building similar family models across the globe. They have been invited by other governments and organizations in Eastern Europe and Africa to bring and develop the Caminul Felix Family Concept.


The vision of Felix Family Village in Surat Thani, Thailand is to rescue children & young people who have been orphaned and place them in families. Today, over 100 children have a new life and a bright future in their new family.

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