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Assist International is actively engaged on two fronts in Ukraine and we need your help! We are working with partners to bring medical equipment to hospitals serving the people in Ukraine. In addition, we are supporting our child:assist partners in Romania to care for the growing number of refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Our Impact

Together, we can care for the people of Ukraine

Assist International is providing relief for health facilities across Ukraine and for our partners who are directly caring for refugees in neighboring countries. Your donation can help provide mothers, children, and elderly women with the essential resources they need to navigate this horrible crisis.

How We’re Doing It

Right now, there is an urgent need for medical equipment in hospitals throughout Ukraine. We are coordinating with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine and other partners to answer their need for specific medical equipment donations.

Alongside partner organizations we are working to scale up our community:assist program to reach refugee children and their families fleeing Ukraine by distributing essential medical and hygiene supplies.

We are supporting our child:assist partners across Romania as they have collectively cared for 1,100+ refugees (this number is growing weekly!). The majority of these refugees are mothers, children, and elderly women who have traveled through harsh conditions in search of safety.

As the crisis in Ukraine continues to intensify, we are actively responding to the growing needs of our child:assist partners by distributing diapers, Columbia outdoor gear, tents, sleeping bags, and medical supplies such as surgical gowns and PPE.

Supporting Women & Children

Millions of Ukrainian refugees—mostly women and children—have fled Ukraine to escape the war, and they continue to face urgent and intensifying needs. In collaboration with our partners across Romania, your donations can help these families with the resources they need to navigate the impact of this conflict.


Our History in Ukraine


Assist International has partnered with organizations and individuals across Ukraine since our founding. In the 1990s, our founders Bob and Charlene Pagett implemented some of the first medical equipment from Assist International, installing cardiac care units for hospitals in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Nearly 30 years later, we are still here, ready to respond to this crisis, thanks to donors like you!

Right now, we have medical equipment and essential supplies, ready to ship. Your support will help place these resources into the hands of healthcare workers and refugee families facing desperate need.

Assist International provides life-giving solutions for children, families, and communities around the world that bring health, opportunity, and hope.