Equipping Health Facilities

For certain medical projects, Assist International will design a high-impact project tailored to one specific hospital or health clinic. Many of these projects are located in very remote areas where the local doctors and nurses do not have the proper medical equipment to care for the local community. In these situations, providing state-of-the-art medical equipment and training the local hospital staff how to use them can drastically increase the capacity of the hospital.

Assist International works with local Ministries of Health and community leaders to identify hospitals and clinics in need of life-saving improvements. We then work with the local hospital to address the specific challenges faced by the community. After designing the project, we work with our partners to provide the required equipment, and we send a team of highly trained medical professionals to install the equipment and train local personnel. To ensure sustainability, we stay involved with the hospital by providing additional training, repairs, and consumables.

For these projects, we work with a wide variety of partners, including foundations, hospital groups, international service clubs, corporations, faith-based groups, and individual donors. Rotary International has been a long-time partner of Assist International, and together we have completed many medical projects around the world.


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