Global Health

Every day, thousands of people die from curable or treatable causes because of a lack of adequate health care. In the developing world, nearly 1 in 8 children die before the age of five. In the face of these obstacles, we work with our partners to improve the quality of health in the developing world by increasing the capacity of local healthcare providers. We do this by providing training, education, and solutions to the unique challenges that local communities face.

We have a wide range of programs and projects that aim to strengthen health systems and save the lives of people in developing countries. As part of the Safe Surgery 2020 Initiative, we work with partners to provide access to safe, affordable surgery, with a special focus on preventing maternal and child deaths. Our BMET training program enhances local capacity to repair and calibrate medical devices, which leads to a drastic improvement in both quantitative and qualitative aspects of surgical care. Over the years, we have developed expertise in installing ICU/CCU units in the developing world. An ICU/CCU unit immediately saves lives upon installation and training, and turns rooms of death into rooms of life. Together with our partners, we are focusing on providing medical oxygen to hospitals and clinics that serve some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Access to medical oxygen greatly improves the health and well-being of local populations, especially for people with respiratory-related illness. Click the links below for more information on our Global Health programs.

BMET Training
Medical Equipment
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