ImPACT Anesthesia

The Need

Approximately 5 billion people lack access to safe, timely, and affordable surgical and anesthesia care. 143 million additional surgical procedures are needed each year to attend to the unmet need, and more than 2.2 million surgeons and anesthetists are needed to treat this global burden.(1)(2)

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    2. “Global Surgery 2030: Core indicators for monitoring universal access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthesia care when needed.” The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery. Accessed February 15, 2019.

The ImPACT AFRICA Solution

The Improving Perioperative and Anesthesia Care and Training (ImPACT) AFRICA program has been addressing the serious needs around anesthesia in East Africa for several years. Designed by Vanderbilt University and launched in 2014, ImPACT AFRICA has been successfully implemented in Kenya and Ethiopia. In addition to Vanderbilt University, lead partners include Kijabe Hospital (Kenya), the Center for Public Health and Development (Kenya), the GE Foundation, and Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC). Assist International helps solidify partnerships, designs the program to coordinate with national priorities around anesthesia training, builds infrastructure, manages in-country personnel, provides program management and logistical support for the ImPACT AFRICA program.

This program brings ImPACT AFRICA tools – a proven suite of in-service, pre-service, and simulation training material – to teaching hospitals. The ImPACT AFRICA program improves the safety of anesthesia and perioperative care by enhancing education and training for anesthesia providers. Using a combination of powerful training tools- including in-service, pre-service, and simulation training- this program equips trainees with essential skills of anesthesia, research, ethics, leadership and professionalism.

With each iteration of the program, we assess the impact, gather evidence, and find ways to innovate and improve the program. The model has been refined to be more locally-driven, scalable, and sustainable. Our ultimate goal is to establish ImPACT AFRICA Center of Excellence Training Hubs, consisting of regional anesthesia experts who can train cadres of anesthesia providers (both physicians and non-physicians) with consistent, quality, low-cost, scalable, training tools.


GE Foundation, Kijabe Hospital (Kenya), Vanderbilt University, the Center for Public Health and Development (Kenya), and Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC).


To date, the ImPACT Program has trained 631 people in Kenya and Ethiopia

  • 186 Anesthesia Providers Trained
  • 31 Master Trainers Trained
  • 57 Anesthetists Trained on Medical Devices
  • 108 Medical Devices Placed
  • 58 Sites Affected
  • Trained over 357 practicing clinicians on Mobile Obstetric Surgical Training
  • Increased nurse anesthetist coverage in Kenya nationally by almost 200%.
  • Increase observed compliance to emergency safe surgery checklists form 23% to 75% in preeclampsia cases and from 22% to 69% in peripartum hemorrhage cases


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