Limiting Surgical Site Infections (Safe Surgery 2020)

Surgical Site Infections
Surgical Site Infections
Members of Assist International, SPECT, Clean Cut and the Ayder Hospital inspecting the sterilization unit at Ayder Referral Hospital.

Access to safe surgery is one of the biggest problems facing people living in low to middle income countries. World Health Organization studies have shown the risk of contracting a surgical site infection can be as high as 70% in some countries. As part of the Safe Surgery 2020 initiative, Assist International and GE foundation aim to change that.

Last week we got the opportunity to meet up with one of our newest partners in the fight to limit surgical site infections around the world. We met with members of the Sterile Processing Education Charitable Trust (SPECT) organization. SPECT runs a great education program aimed at helping the sterilization team at hospitals around the world improve their sterilization techniques and protocols.

The SPECT team is currently doing a pre-training assessments of each of the twelve Safe Surgery 2020 hospitals in Ethiopia. After completing their assessments, the SPECT team will return to Ethiopia and provide training specifically designed to address the needs of the specific hospitals, as well as provide onsite mentoring to further ingrain the processes learned during the training sessions.

SPECT is bringing innovative teaching and technology to the developing world to lower surgical site infections and make surgery safer. Prior to meeting us in Ethiopia, SPECT was in India working on bringing their groundbreaking pressure cooker sterilization unit into production. This will give smaller health clinics the ability to properly clean their surgical instruments and lower the risk of infection to all they serve. We are looking forward to working together with SPECT to help make surgery safe for everyone.

Assist International is part of the Safe Surgery 2020 Initiative and partners with the GE Foundation, Dahlberg, JHPIEGO, Harvard PGSSC and the G4 Alliance.

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