Alliance for Navajo Sustainability

“You can dodge COVID-19 by social distancing, by staying home, and by wearing masks. But you can’t dodge being without water. You can only live for three days without water, and so, water is life.

Dr. Rudy Shebala
Ph.D., Director of Natural Resources
for the Navajo Nation

Our Mission

Help increase water access, develop local agriculture, and improve overall health for the Navajo people.

Having access to water is a fundamental human right for all people. Too many Navajo families still live without running water in their homes. Native Americans are some of the United State’s first citizens. It is time that they enjoy life’s basic necessities that many take for granted. COVID-19 has highlighted the long-existing and intensifying lack of water security on Navajo Nation lands. As a result, the Alliance for Navajo Sustainability was formed as an effort to provide immediate water access and develop agricultural systems leading to improved overall health.


With a mere 13 grocery stores across an area the size of West Virginia, many Navajo families travel up to an hour each way just for groceries.

The Alliance for Navajo Sustainability is a dedicated partnership comprised of corporations, universities and non-profit organizations dedicated to working with the leadership of the Navajo Nation to change these statistics.


of Navajo residents lack food security


Navajo citizens live with no running water in their homes


of the population is at risk of obesity and diabetes

Creating a Pathway to Sustainability



  • Develop agriculture training plots at strategic locations across the Nation

  • Provide home-garden irrigation kits

  • Evaluate and train on best practices for optimized crops and yields within arid climate zones




  • Repair existing wells

  • Install sustainable solar-powered pumps

  • Drill 300 new wells providing water access to remote and isolated communities



  • Develop water, agriculture, public health, and business enterprise training modules

  • Improve clean water access at health centers and schools

  • Mitigate water-borne illness and infectious disease


Our Team


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