Nurse Anesthetist Training Program

In Western Kenya, there is a shortage of qualified anesthetists needed for surgeries. Very few anesthetists attempt to cover an enormous case load, which sometimes results in patients not receiving the surgeries they need. To address this issue, Assist International is collaborating with the GE Foundation, Kijabe Hospital (Kenya), Vanderbilt University, the Center for Public Health and Development (Kenya), Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), to train Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthetists (KRNAs) specifically for one of the regions that needs them most – Western Kenya.

Supplying qualified anesthesia providers to regional hospitals increases the local hospitals’ capacity to perform surgery and improves patient outcomes. Currently, 7 anesthetists have graduated from this program, 35 are currently enrolled, and six more will be enrolled in 2016. These anesthetists are certified as Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthetists (KRNAs) and provide anesthesia care in rural hospitals throughout Kenya.


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