Oxygen Therapy & Critical Care Series: Session 4 – FAQ Roundtable: Oxygen Therapy & Critical Care

Assist International is committed to supporting the Global South amidst the COVID-19 pandemic by bringing our experience, resources, and partners together in response to this crisis.
In association with Stanford Medicine, Division of Global Anesthesia.
Presented by:

Dr. Balavenkat Subramanian
Ganga Medical Centre & Hospitals, India

Dr. Fredy Ariza Cadena
Universidad del Valle, Colombia

Dr. Fadzai Mugadza
University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Dr. Elizabeth Onuuwa Nwasor
Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

Dr. RJ Ramamurthy
Stanford University, USA

Dr. Andrea Murray
Stanford University, USA

Dr. Mark Singleton
Stanford University, USA

Dr. Vanessa Moll
University of Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Mike Lipnick
University of California – San Francisco, USA

Dr. Ana Maria Crawford
Stanford University, USA


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