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Rescuing Orphans in Uganda

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Orphaned & Vulnerable Children

Sam Tushabe became an orphan at twelve years old. His mother’s last wish was for him to finish school. To honor her wish, Sam took all the money he had- a few dollars- and met with the local headmaster. In Uganda, school is very expensive because students are required to purchase school uniforms, books, and pay regular school fees, and many parents cannot afford to send their kids to school. Throughout his adolescence, Sam paid for his school fees by working as a school janitor and taking any job he could find. His determination to honor his mother’s wish carried him through primary school and secondary school, and a few years later, he even graduated college.

Rescuing Orphans in Uganda
Rescuing Orphans in Uganda

After college, Sam met a local orphaned child in Uganda and decided to take him in and support the child with his own money. Before long, he was providing for 40 children, so he decided to start a non-governmental organization called AOET (Aids Orphan Education Trust). The organization provides shelter and education for orphans who have been impacted by the AIDS epidemic. Founded in 2000, AOET now cares for nearly 4000 children in Africa. Over the years, Assist International has partnered with AOET to provide homes, dorm rooms, and classrooms.

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Recent Projects

  • Completion of the Kirk and Julie Cousins House

    We are excited to celebrate the completion of the Kirk and Julie Cousins House at the AOET Village in Jinja, Uganda. In 2016, while teammates for the Washington Redskins, Nate Sudfeld and Kirk Cousins made a friendly wager. The Indiana Hoosie...
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  • Providing an Ambulance to Orussi Health Center in Rural Uganda

    Assist International recently provided an ambulance to Orussi Health Center in Nebbi-Uganda.  We just received a letter of gratitude from the leader of the health center, Sister Florence Owacha.  Here are a few excerpts from the letter: “T...
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  • Bringing Oxygen to Rural Hospital Clinics in Western Kenya

    Although oxygen is a medical necessity, many rural hospitals in Africa lack access to medical oxygen. Without it, anesthesia is impossible, premature infants struggle to survive, and children with pneumonia face lower odds of survival. Health clinics...
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  • The Rainmaker Project

    Two of the biggest challenges in Africa are food security and poverty. In Africa, 70% of the people earn a living and support their family by farming a small plot of land. However, they must rely on seasonal, unpredictable rainfall to grow crops, and...
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  • Bringing Hope to War-Torn Communities in Northern Uganda

    Sister Rosemary has dedicated her life to rescuing children and mothers in Northern Uganda who have been devastated by war. During a 20-year period of vicious armed conflict in northern Uganda, woman and children were captured by rebels and forced to...
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  • Providing a Family for Orphans in Romania

    In 1989, when communism fell in Romania, many major news organizations became aware of the inhumane conditions for the 100,000 children in state-run orphanages. One ABC news article described what they saw: “Young children in straightjackets, group...
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